Noosa Marine

In 2016, Noosa Marine and Sam Frysteen Noosa Photographer asked for some video of the new Bajaca twin hulled boat.

noosa marine1

noosa marine2

Well we couldn’t very well say “No” could we. UAV filming from a boat has its particular difficulties, including: rocking deck, wind, ensuring adequate battery power, speed, and not to mention landing!!! As well as its pleasures, fantastic day, need to do more of this work.

This is some of the rough edit footage:

Queensland Transport and Main Roads

We have been asked again, due to our expertise, to use our UAV to inspect the Brisbane Riverside Expressway. Part of our asset inspection portfolio.

Here are some of the locations:

qld transport 1

Philippe sticking our custom bridge UAV. Yes, Main Roads was there....And this is the easy one! Ha!

qld transport 2

It gets harder! Not only has the equipment got to be of the highest quality and tuning, but our piloting skills have to be spot on. Pressure and anxiety come with the job!

qld transport 3

Results: The bearings, with a host! The pigeon guards don’t help.

qld transport 4