Land Survey

Timeline Images has a variety of Remote Piloted Aircraft for photogrammetry, relaying close-up, high-fidelity images and ground data (e.g. CAD models contour and 3d modelling) for project planners, construction managers, asset managers and structural engineers for site assessment or condition reporting purposes. We use specialist software for data manipulation and CAD results analysis.

These land surveys are used for:

  • Site monitoring.
  • Quarries and waste facilities management.
  • Construction preliminary and detailed design.
  • Project management.
  • Environmental monitoring.

Timeline Images provides 24-hour turnaround of ground data (e.g. contour and 3d modelling), permitting real time volumetric bench, overlay and bulk works measurement.

Our clients include: Sunshine Coast Council, Moreton Bay Council, Qld Department of Transport and Main Roads, Bielby Construction, and Stocklands Development.

land survey 1

Flathead Point, Sunshine Coast

land survey 2

Flathead Point, Sunshine Coast